Prohibition and the constitution

The seventy year prohibition of cannabis marijuana cultivation violates the constitution of the United States for several reasons. The first is that the legislation which started marijuana prohibition was the 1937 marijuana tax act created by agents of the Department of treasury to evade the constitution and eradacate cannabis hemp cultivation from American farms. Hundreds of thousands of people were falsely arrested, deprived of property and imprisoned under that act until it was overturned in 1968 by the United States Supreme court as unconstitutional because the marijuana Tax Act was not created to collect tax but to prohibit cannabis hemp cultivation. The second is that in order to continue the already unconstitutional prohibition the Treasuary Department created the controled substance act and listed cannabis, marijuana as a schedule 1 Controled substance with no acceptable medical use. A big lie. Prohibition of marijuana never had anything to do with keeping people from smoking it. Its main purpose was to give the petrolium industry a monopoly on energy production. It also gave the Dupont corporation a monopoly on nylon and synthetic fibers and plastics. Likewise it gave the William Randolf Hurst a monopoly on Paperon making paper from wood pulp with a newly acquired Dupont formula. Its a fact that everything made from petrolium has been and can be made from cannabis in a far less toxic manner. Marijuana prohibition is also overbroad because it sweeps away the God given right of every person to grow their own health and wealth and medicate themselves according to there faith. The first ammendment freedom of religion is violated by marijuana prohibition as it has been used in medicine and religion for over 5,000 years.