Fracking Chemical of the Day: ISOPROPANOL

"the primary threat to the quality of streams in this commonwealth from TDS is coming from the development of the marcellus shale play. this could result in the development of up to 50,000 new, producing wells over the next 20 years" rules and regulations  environmental quality board  august 21,2010  Route(s) of Entry: Skin, eye contact, inhalation and ingestion.
Human Effects and Symptoms of Overexposure:
Ingestion: May cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, and death.
Inhalation: May cause irritation of the nose and throat. Exposure to high concentrations has a narcotic effect, producing symptoms of drowsiness, headache, staggering, unconsciousness and possibly death.
Chronic Hazards: Repeated exposure may cause mild irritation; drying and cracking of the skin, or contact dermatitis may develop