Fracking Chemical of the Day: POTASSIUM CHLORIDE

"the DEP'S aim is to ensure that future growth of this industry is considered in the rules and regulations it puts in place"
rules and regulations  environmrntal quality board  august 21,2010

So no matter to the people or the environment, as long as the industries future growth is ensured?
Inhalation of high concentrations of dust may cause nasal or lung irritation. Ingestion:
Large quantities can produce gastrointestinal irritation and vomiting. May produce weakness and circulatory problems. May affect heart. In severe cases, ingestion may be fatal. Skin Contact:
Contact may cause irritation or rash, particularly with moist skin. Eye Contact:
Potassium chloride is moderate eye irritant. Redness, tearing, possible abrasion can occur. Chronic Exposure:
No information found. Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions:
Persons with impaired kidney function may be more susceptible to the effects of the substance.