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Robin's Nest Spring 2014 day 15

Day 15. Momma bird is out there all the time now. I waited until later in the day for better light. We should have babies very soon.

Baby birds leave the nest or fledge a few days before they start to fly. They hop around on the ground, and climb on low branches until their wings are strong enough. The parent birds continue to feed and care for the babies until they are self-sufficient.

If you see a baby bird on the ground, and the bird has most of his feathers, leave him alone. Do not think that he needs to be "rescued."

If you see a baby bird on the ground, and it is naked or he has mostly fuzz, he is a nestling and is not ready to fledge. Try to put him back in the nest. Do not worry about your scent being on him. It won't bother the mother. Birds do not have an acute sense of smell, and the parents will not detect your scent on the baby.

If you can not get the nestling back into his own nest, hang a basket (like an easter basket) on a tree limb as close to the nest as you can reach. Place paper towel in the bottom of the basket, and put some grass and leaves in with the baby bird. The parents find their babies by sound, not by sight or smell, so as long as they can hear the baby, they will come and feed him. Placing it on a high limb will keep cats and other predators from getting it, as they would if you left it on the ground.

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May 08, 2014