Robins Nest Spring 2014 day 16
Eggs Hatch
A few hours old
New Robins
Robins nest with baby birds

Robin's Nest Spring 2014 day 16

Eggs Hatched! The shells of the hatched eggs are removed immediately from the nest by the female, who sometimes eats part of them for extra calcium. There is a good chance that not all of the eggs in the nest will develop into young robins. If this is the case, the adult robins will dispose of the bad eggs after the others have hatched.

The chicks hatch naked, and are totally dependent on their parents for food and warmth. Both parents look after the nestlings. Feather growth will become evident with the appearance of quills at three days of age. By five days the eyes start to open and they are completely open by eight days.

Robin facts from Journey of the North American Robin

Date Shot:
May 09, 2014