Muddy Creek Cemetery

Muddy Creek Cemetery

On Saturday, June 30, 1843, a Seneca Indian named Sam Mohawk from Cattaraugus County, New York, murdered Mrs. James Wigton and her five children (three girls and two boys) in their home in Slippery Rock, PA. Sam was tried in court on December 13, 1843. He was found guilty of murder in the first degree and was hanged on March 22, 1844. He was the first person executed in Butler county.

A modern memorial has been put at the location in the SE corner of the cemetery to mark the site where Mrs. Wigton and her 5 children were buried together.

The WIgton Children: Mary McQuiston (1815-1843)* Elmira Wigton (1835 - 1843)* Jeninah Nancy Wigton (1837 - 1843)* Perry Wigton (1839 - 1843)* Amanda Wigton (1840 - 1843)* John Wallace Wigton (1842 - 1843)*

This is the article from the Butler Herald when the murders occured

A Mother and her Five Children Murdered!!

An Inquest was held on the dead bodies, and the jury returned a verdict that the murdered persons came to their deaths by the hands of Samuel Mohawk.

Mrs. Wigton was about thirty-five years of age — the children, three girls, and two boys, were aged about eleven, nine, five, three, and one, years.

The Indian is now in jail, and will be tried at the September Sessions. We understand that he lives in Cattaraugus county, N.Y. This unfortunate wretch remained in this place for a day or two previous to the commission of the above horrid deed, and complained of being sick.

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